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Lurk is 30 and has been listening to electronic music since his first party, an Orb album launch party in 1993; he discovered psytrance about a year and a half after that and bought decks in '96, initially because all the best music was on vinyl. When vinyl started to die out, he invested in cdj's and went on from there.

Lurk's taste in music covers a large section of psytrance (as you can see from the tracklists below), from progressive morning music to screaming, dark night music. What he plays at a party depends very much on what time it is, and the mood of the crowd. His favourite psy is anything that is bouncey, groovy, and if it puts a smile on the faces of the dancers, so much the better. He definitely won't play anything that sounds too much like techno ;o)

Lurk started playing out in 1999 at Boom! records label parties, and went on to be booked at parties all over Holland, as well as organising the respected Hoi Pol Loi parties with friends. After being made an official Boom! Records label DJ in 2003, bookings started coming in from overseas. In the last 18 months he has played club gigs in the UK for 180Degrees (twice) and Planet Shroom, outdoor gigs in India and plenty of both in Australia, as well as having a regular guest slot on Sydney's biggest, independent radio station, FBi. He has also played in the Netherlands and Sweden. He has supported acts like Eskimo, Protoculture, Rastaliens, Mindfield, Dick Trevor, SunControlSpecies, Fractal Glider, Misted Muppet and Legohead.

Now living back in the UK, he is available for bookings, price is negotiable (depending on the size and nature of the party), upwards from just travel expenses for a free party. He also plays back to back sets with Aurora (Maia Records).

Lurk has just finished compiling a cd for Sonic Dragon Records, called Get Your Wonk On. It features 10 tracks mixing the best up and coming UK talent with established international artists. It was released at the end of April. A couple of tracks are featured on his 'Original Wonkstah' mix. For full info, and 4 minutes sound samples of every track, please click on the banner =D

If you want to contact me for bookings or feedback please email thelurkster@hotmail.com


Samothraki'd Sep 2002 114MB  
Clagnuts & Dangleberries Nov 2002 100MB tracklist
Bangers n Mashed Nov 2002 101MB tracklist
Goatboy Rides Again Jan 2003 108MB tracklist
Bushwacked May 2003 113MB tracklist
Full Moonie July 2003 115MB tracklist
Mooseamine Sept 2003 112MB tracklist
Lurk vs Aurora - Vodka Effected Oct 2003 103MB tracklist
Southern Sun Oct 2003 109MB tracklist
Chicken of the Infinite Pt I April 2005 168MB tracklist
Chicken of the Infinite Pt II April 2005 181MB tracklist
Northern Light April 2005 172MB tracklist
Original Wonkstah May 2007 144MB tracklist
Revenge of the Infinite Chicken Dec 2008 239MB

If you like the tunes, please support the artists and buy some of their cds.